What is Vtext

What is Vtext

What is Vtext?  In simple terms, Vtext is short for voice text or voice to text.  It can mean different things depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.  If you’re using it to “text” someone, then it’s usually in the form of an app on your mobile / smart phone which translates your speech into a text message.

If you don’t like to write or type, than Vtext can become very helpful by allowing you to put your thoughts onto paper, digital notepad or online without the hassle.

The technology continues to get better and better and as a result many more people are using it today.  It’s popular among writers, reporters, busy people, multi-taskers, drivers and many other groups.  Besides being used to save time and hassle, it serves very practical purposes as well.  One that has become more prominent in recent years is using Vtext to allow a person to communicated via text message while not having to take their eyes & focus off the road while driving.

You may also know that Vtext is a term used by the company Verizon, although they use the V in Vtext to mean Verizon instead of voice.  Their program allows you to send text messages to someone from your email or pc.

Vtext is a word that tends to be a blanket term used to explain many similar categories such as speech to text, voice to text and speech recognition, mainly because it’s short and just sounds better.What Is Vtext

So now that you know what Vtext is and it’s many uses and applications, you can now start looking at how it can make some of your tasks easier.