What Is Voice To Text?

What Is Voice To Text?

In this post I’m going to discuss the question of what is voice to text?  While many people get the basic idea of what voice to text means, their confusion comes in the form of not knowing how it can be used.

Voice to text is great alternative to writing or typing things and is being adopted by more and more industries every day.  As I’ve mentioned before, it is much faster for us to speak our words than it will ever be to type them.

As technology gets better and better at recognizing things like our different accents and dialects, we might be shocked at what it will be able to accomplish in the future and even how the question of what is voice to text will change.

Right now at the core of the question what is voice to text, the simple answer is a programs that you speak your words into which then runs it through a voice transcription or recognition programs to convert it to some sort of text.  This could be a text message on a mobile phone, a text document like Word or even email.  We’ve also seen something called visual voicemail, which converts voicemails left on your phone into a text or email which can be ready quickly and without distraction.

There are a number of apps on smart phones and tablets that make this technology come to life, including some that even come pre-installed.  There are also great software programs for voice to text available on your laptop or pc.  Think of the ways this technology has changed for example, the news industry.  A reporter can go to a press conference with a little hd recorder or even using their smart phone and record the interview.  Before and afterwords they can record different notes to add to their article.  Then when back at the office they can upload the audio into a program which will then put it into text for the article.  Now they tweak and arrange the content and they’ve taken a lot of hassle out of their writing process.

I could go on and on with all the different ways this technology could be used and groups or industries that could benefit from it, but for what is voice to textnow we’ll keep it short and simple.  I will cover more on “what is voice to text” in future articles to better zone in on different aspects.

Hopefully this article can help you answer your question of what is voice to text.  If you found this information helpful, share it with someone who may also benefit from an answer to this question.


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