Verizon Texts, Vtext, Vtext Mobile – Answers To Your Questions

Verizon Texts, Vtext, Vtext Mobile – Answers To Your Questions

Over the years we here at have received a lot of questions about things like Verizon texts, vtext & vtext mobile.  It seems like there is a good bit of confusion about what each of these are, and if they’re connected.  To help you out in your searches we thought we’d shed some light on these 3 and give you some clarification & help.

Verizon Texts

Verizon texts refer to their 2 different text systems available on their network and by the company.  The first one is just like any other carrier, you send & receive text messages from your mobile device, email or computer software.  The second one is what they call “Vtext” or “Verizon texts” and opens up a different way of being able to send and receive “text” messages.

Using Verizon texts allows users to send, receive, and manage their text messages on their computer through the site.  This feature comes with your plan and gives you another option besides using your phone to send and receive messages.  This works with Verizon customers, but you can’t send a message from to someone on a different carrier.


Vtext is kind of a tricky one.  The top level domain is owned by Verizon, but there are many other companies, apps and programs that use vtext as a nickname for voice text or voice to text, as we do here at  We have no connection to Verizon, only that we share a similar domain name.  Vtext is a word that explains what it does, but changes based on how you are using it.  You can read an in depth explanation of vtext here .

Vtext Mobile

Vtext mobile is the name of our site and is a resource for voice text or voice to text products with a strong emphasis on mobile.  We cover both aspects of “text”.  Example would be a “text message” on a phone or mobile device as well as “text” as in a word document, article or other text document.

We often see the question: is there a Vtext Mobile? As you can gather from what we’ve covered so far, this question is yes & no depending on what you’re looking for.  Our site is called vtext mobile, so yes, but if you’re looking for having a mobile counterpart the answer is no.

We hope this helps you clarify some answers you may have had about the differences or similarities of Verizon text, vtext, and vtext mobile.  If you found this article helpful, please share it with others you think could benefit from this information.


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