Using Your Voice To Text Messages

Using Your Voice To Text Messages

Using your voice to text messages has become more attractive over the last few years, as we prove just how much faster we are at talking vs typing on virtually every device we use.   Some people aren’t as comfortable speaking out loud the things they are texting, while others seem to use voice to text messages as if no one was around!…TMI

There are so many instances today where using your voice to send text messages is a real helper.  The obvious ones tend to be the whole texting / emailing while driving, which I think mobile apps do a great job of helping out with.  Being able to have you’re hands free gives people a whole range of time saving and productivity options that just aren’t available when having to type on a keyboard.

One area I think has become kind of goofy is how we foolishly walk down a crowded street while staring down at our phones or tablets, when using something like a voice to text messages app would let us look up and forward while accomplishing the exact same thing!

There’s a new app out called “Voice SMS” which right now is being offered at it’s introductory price and does some pretty useful stuff!  This app allows you to use your voice to text messages with just one click.  It also gives you a favorites list, is fast and accurate as well as up to 5x faster than typing.  It uses automatic grammar correction and is offered in 10 popular languages.

Read more about this app or download it here voice to text messages

Voice SMS App

Go and check out this app, it’s going to help you to use your voice to text messages. If you found this article helpful, share it with others you think it can help.

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