iPhone Voice Text

iPhone Voice Text

When talking about iPhone voice text, many people automatically think of Siri.  Siri is a great tool to have on your iPhone as she does a lot of great things to make life easier.  Then people think of apps, and what iPhone voice text apps may be out there to fit their needs.  With all the distractions and potential safety concerns that we face today, voice text serves a very real purpose.  Whether its texting and driving, becoming more productive, or just getting things done faster, we need and want it more every day.

In today’s spotlight, were going to look at the iPhone voice text app “Voice Text” by Ivo Valcic.

I first came across this app last year while looking for voice text apps for my iPhone…..go figure!  Also made to work on the iPad, this app allows you to easily send texts by using your voice.  No need for a keyboard, just speak into your phone and the app will immediately translate your voice into text.  Like many iPhone voice text apps, they don’t stop at just text messages.  You can also use the dictation to send other messages including email, a facebook status update, a tweet, or post a message to tumblr.  The editing process is also quite nice, as they offer a list of suggested words to help you create accurate messages.  It can be up to 5 times faster than using a keyboard and like other voice text apps, will improve it’s accuracy and dictation over time and with continued usage.  They currently support 23 languages and with a price of just $0.99 it’s a affordable app to boot.

We will continue to spotlight different iPhone voice text apps each week, and also have a page where we’ve broke down 11 of our favorite iPhone voice text apps.  You can check it out here Apple Voice Text Apps

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