How To Voice Text

How To Voice Text

In this post we’ll discuss the question of how to voice text.  Although not a black and white question, lets look at what the options are and how to get started.

The first question to answer should be, what device are you wondering how to voice text on.  A mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC?  If you answered a mobile phone, or tablet you have a lot of options.  Built in voice services for Android, Apple & Windows phones and tablets act more as overall assistants rather than just being for voice text solutions.  Though some are better than others the main “how to” is really the same across the three.  You hold the “home” button or “speaker” button and say something like “text Amy”.  It then brings up your message and you push the microphone button again to speak what you want in the message.  This process varies slightly if “text” is meant to be something written in a notepad, calendar or other document.  In that case you are giving a different first command such as: “Open Calendar,” and then following the same process as above to enter your text.  While some people get by using the built in services, others find voice to text apps to be a much better fit.  Popular app options vary as it seems like they are constantly merging or being bought out by larger companies.

If your question was how to voice text on a laptop or PC, then we have some additional things to think about.  Most people interested in how to voice textthis want to use it for writing papers, emails or other data or content input.  To do this you’ll need voice text software or a voice recognition software program.  One of the big players in this space is Nuance, who produces the line of Dragon Speech recognition software.  There are countless others who offer this kind of software, but the actual “how to” will differ depending on which product you go with.

This should help you get the basic idea of how to voice text on different devices.  Future articles will dive into reviews of different programs and give you more resources in helping you out with your voice text questions.  If you enjoyed this article share it with others who may want help with this same question.

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