How Do I Get Visual Voicemail?

How Do I Get Visual Voicemail?

Visual voicemail has become a popular feature on smart phones for a while now, and is continuing to grow in popularity as technology makes it easier to get our information faster.  As more phones hit the market and there are more carriers to choose from, one question I get a lot is how do I get visual voicemail on my phone?

Due to the fact that we cover voice text topics, we are often forced to break our posts down to cover the major players (Apple, Andriod, Windows & ahem Blackberry).  There are a few things to consider when asking how do I get visual voicemail, so lets get into them.


Is Visual Voicemail Pre-Installed On My Phone


  • Apple – (Yes) Back in 2007 Apple was credited with being the first phone to offer this service.  To get visual voicemail, tap the phone button from the home screen and then tap the voicemail icon in the lower right corner.  Click the setup button, enter your password and click save.  To use the default greeting leave as “default” or to set your own greeting choose “custom” and record your message.  Save your message when your happy with it and you’re all set.
  • Blackberry – (Yes) We are not sure what the blackberry 10 will have in store, but as of now it should be in your apps, or possibly hidden in a folder on your home screen.  The setup is very simple and involves a similar process to the iphone.  Click on the app, choose “set up”, enter password and choose default message or create your own custom greeting & click save.
  • Android – (Depends On Phone Maker) If you’re using AT&T on say a Samsung they offer a free app you can download with relatively easy setup.  Once downloaded they have you call your voicemail from the app to enter you password and basically confirm.  You then exit out of the call and the app shows a successful setup.  If using a different phone, many people use Google voice as the “go-to” for visual voicemail on android phones.  Set up instructions are found when downloading through Google play.
  • Windows (Depends On OS & Carrier)  Because this depends on a couple of things, we’ll give you the process to get a yes or no answer quicker.  Two ways to do this are: 1. Go to settings> applications> phone, turn visual voicemail “on” and your done.  If you get an error you may have to call your carrier to activate it.  2. Hit the call button then hit the ellipsis, (bottom right) and choose call settings, turn visual voicemail “on” and your done.  If you get an error you may have to call your carrier to activate it.

How Do I Get Visual Voicemail “Other Options”

As mentioned above, not all phones have visual voicemail pre-installed, so if you need some help choosing high quality apps, we’ll list how do i get visual voicemaila few here.

  1. The first app is called “YouMail” which was the first 3rd party multi-platform app to offer visual voicemail.  They store voicemail in the cloud and is available for all major phones.  This service offers a robust set of features that’s free, including visual voicemail.  Other features include personalized greetings that can be assigned to incoming numbers and SMS integration for custom alerts. The premium version of YouMail will transcribe voicemail and send it to your email or alert you via text message. YouMail’s least expensive service costs $6.99 for 50 voicemails to be transcribed to text.
  2. The second is “Google Voice“. A great free visual voicemail app for consumers that ties into other popular Google services like Gmail. In fact the Google Voice web interface is much like that of Gmail’s where you can mark voicemails as read and forward them to others. When used in combination with Gmail, you can create custom filters for specific callers and much more. The voice to text transcription is automated and often doesn’t transcribe spoken words correctly. However, with the click of button you can play the original voicemail message from your Google Voice mobile app, your Voice web account, or your email account.
  3. The last one is called “PhoneTag“. Phone Tag offers visual voicemail services for its users. You can check voicemail messages online, send them to your email or via text message and dial-in to manage your voicemail.  Phone Tag isn’t free ($9.95 for 40 transcriptions) but they do offer 24/7 phone customer service and support.


The last thing to consider is that visual voicemail requires a data plan and therefor uses data.  As most smart phones today require a data plan, this should be an issue, but it’s something you should be aware of.  We hope this will help you with your question of “how do I get visual voicemail.”

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