Do Speech To Text Programs Really Work?

Do Speech To Text Programs Really Work?

New speech to text programs seem to be all the rage these days, but the real question is do these speech to text programs really work?  Thanks to programs like Vlingo, Dragon & even Siri, this futuristic technology is changing the way we communicate.  The fact of the matter is no matter how fast we learn to type, it will never catch up to how fast we can speak.  Thanks to improving technology we might not have to worry about it.  Speech to text programs are entering more and more industries, and has the potential to make things like note taking, recording, and communicating a whole lot faster.

Improvements In Speech To Text

These new speech to text programs are taking advantage of huge improvements in speech to text technologies to make text messages and speech to text on the iPhone, Android, tablets, computers & other systems a much easier prospect, especially for those on the go.  Essentially these programs allows users to speak a  message, and then run it through a computer transcription program which will deliver it to whomever they specify as a text message or into a program like Word.

The consensus seams be to be that using your voice for tasks that require typing, should result in a faster experience. Whether it’s reading news, taking notes, texting or even sending email, it can all be done faster with your voice.  The other obvious upsides include being an alternative to texting while driving, walking etc.  By putting your speech to text, you also make it easier to see at a glance, search through, and organize for later reference.

Complaints About Speech To Text Programs

While this all sounds great, one of peoples biggest complaints is that there’s a big learning curve to get to know the app, train it to understand your voice, and use it properly.  For example, many apps don’t understand punctuation, so you end up having to speak speech to text programspunctuation commands.  Some people don’t seem to mind this “unnatural” way of talking, others are not so eager.  Another example may be that the program is not yet available in your language.

Don’t let the fact that it’s an emerging technology turn your off.  Many of these companies are being acquired, bought-out and merging with larger players which signals that these programs will only continue to improve.

So to answer the question: Do speech to text programs really work, I think the answer is yes & as time goes by it will just turn into which program works the best.


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