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Using Your Voice To Text Messages

Using your voice to text messages has become more attractive over the last few years, as we prove just how much faster we are at talking vs typing on virtually every device we use.   Some people aren’t as comfortable speaking out loud the things they are texting, while others seem to use voice to text... Read More »

iPhone Voice Text

When talking about iPhone voice text, many people automatically think of Siri.  Siri is a great tool to have on your iPhone as she does a lot of great things to make life easier.  Then people think of apps, and what iPhone voice text apps may be out there to fit their needs.  With all... Read More »

Verizon Texts, Vtext, Vtext Mobile – Answers To Your Questions

Over the years we here at vtext.mobi have received a lot of questions about things like Verizon texts, vtext & vtext mobile.  It seems like there is a good bit of confusion about what each of these are, and if they’re connected.  To help you out in your searches we thought we’d shed some light... Read More »