Voice To Text Apps 5 Things To Look For

Voice To Text Apps 5 Things To Look For

If you’re like me, you like finding new apps that can do useful and cool things…who doesn’t.  When I first started playing around with voice to text apps, they all seemed to have their pro’s and con’s but never had all the pro’s in one app!  After downloading a deleting a lot of these apps, I’ve put together a short list of 5 things to look for in voice to text apps.

My review is based on what I’ve found to be the most important and useful things in voice to text apps.


#1 Features Of Voice To Text Apps

The app needs the right kind of specialized features.  For instance, it needs to be able and go through some kind of  voice training that will help the computer become familiar with your voice.  It also need to recognize various commands to not be considered one dimensional.  Support and ability to understand different accents and dialects is also a big factor in determining the usefulness of the app.  Integration is also a big factor to consider.  Can you set “hot buttons” or shortcuts to get to the app?


#2 Accuracy Of Voice To Text Apps

Lets face it, if  a voice to text app doesn’t have reliable accuracy then it’s not going to last very long.  It may get your words to text, but how many errors were made in the process of transcribing your voice?  You shouldn’t have to talk like a robot or turtle to achieve a accurate and readable message.  This one is a bit tricky, as many good apps are set to get better with each use and over time.


#3 Commands Of Voice To Text Apps

Is the app designed to use voice to text in a Facebook message, Tweet or other program?  Can the app set appointments in your calendar or notepad?  A good functional app should aim to make all your typing functions easily made into voice controlled.
voice to text apps

#4 Speed Of Voice To Text Apps

Another factor that seems to set the good apps apart is their ability to complete the voice to text function in a timely manner.  It doesn’t make any sense to use a app that takes longer to process your voice command than it does to actually type the message out.  Again this will also depend on things like accuracy to determine you’re overall experience.


#5 Ease Of Use Of Voice To Text Apps

Lastly is the ease of use, this is important to the stickiness of the app.  Will it prove to be easy and convenient enough for you to use it long term?  Will it make you wonder how you survived without it before?  The best apps have these qualities and is why they are around long enough to grow a large user base and allow the developers to through some money at it for improvements and upgrades.

Hopefully these 5 things will help you navigate through all the voice to text apps and give you an informed process to judge it by.  If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends who could benefit from it too.


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